Wound core balls 1898-1930

In 1898 an American engineer called Coburn Haskell obtained a patent for a golf ball with a centre consisting of wound elastic bands. The ball had a gutta percha molded cover. The Haskell ball slowly gained market share for a few years but they really gained popularity after Sandy Herd won The Open Championship with one in 1902.

Pictured here is a Haskell ball with a molded "bramble" gutta percha cover.

Haskell Golf Ball 1898

The bramble cover pattern ball dominated the market until about 1920. Throughout the 1920s the most commonly used balls had a pattern called "square mesh".

Square Mesh 1920s Golf Ball

By the 1930s the DYMPL pattern (patented by Mr.Taylor of Leicestershire)...later referred more commonly as "dimpled" was the most common ball.

1930s dimple pattern ball

The basic design of the golf ball did not change for the remainder of the 20th century. The last wound ball to be made was the Titleist PTS wound which ceased production in 2007.

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